I just recently started calling myself for entrepreneur. I’ve for a long time been calling myself for self-employed but after working 9 till 5 for several years in my “own” company I’ve started realising that I wasn’t self-employed. I was a full-time permanent employee with a small percentage ownership.

I realised what really gives me a kick is not to see my company getting lean, certified or even big. My kick is starting up. My kick is getting the right people together. My kick is naming the company. My kick is being an entrepreneur. I want to see my company getting big. But it shouldn’t be with me in a leading role. I should get out of there – way before that happens. And instead I should be starting up the next business.

The huge question people without doubt is thinking is, “Will he succeed?”. I want to. I really really want to. But first of all I want to work with a smile on my face. It has to be fun. Otherwise I haven’t got my heart completely attached to the tasks to be solved.

I’ve also realise that I have to have a certain amount of ownership. I have to feel that when working I’m doing it for the good of my business. Not for the good of some investors or a boss. And getting people to work together for the best of the company is the overall goal. That’s what’s fun.

So after 9 till 5 I’m now going for the entrepreneur again. I’ve started on half time in the company that I six years ago was co-founder of. The rest of the time is being used on discovering what my next start-up should be. I don’t think I’ll ever be in a company for six years again – at least not in a leading role.