Half time – now what?

Okay. 3½ months has gone since I went on half time. What has happened? Have I seen the light? Not completely. But I’ve learned that I was right. I’m fantastic happy about not doing full time in my old job anymore and I feel that I now have the time to discover what to do next.

So what to do? Well first it was summer and then… I know. Maybe I should be close to a solution but I’m not. I haven’t found the perfect project but I have some project on hand that I will look into. More about that another time.

Though I have found a new interest of mine. Online marketing. I don’t know if I’m too slow. Maybe it’s already old school. Maybe I can learn quicker because a lot of people have already done the big mistakes etc. etc. One thing is for sure. I think it’s fun.

So what have I done? Right now I’m making my first we

bsite. I’ve made websites before but this one is in Dreamweaver (first time) and with the purpose of helping people with relevant information and to test Google AdSense.

The Dreamweaver project is time consuming. And I’m doing everything myself so patience is a keyword. But I’m stubborn and I’m sure that I will make it. I probably won’t make a Dreamweaver site again but then at least I have some knowledge about Dreamweaver. Next time I think it should be WordPress just like this blog.

So the idea is to make relevant websites giving people relevant information and to earn money on online marketing. That sounds great – right? I’ll keep you posted about how it goes.

Election day

Election day in Denmark. A lot of talking is over. Will anything change? Probably not. The world is influencing our economy and no Danish politician can do anything about that. I think things will be very muddy in the next couple of weeks and it might take a long time to reach agreement about a new government if the opposition becomes the winners as it looks like in the polls. The future will show.