Bad leaders

How come that there is so many bad leaders around in Danish companies and in the public sector? Why does these “leaders” become promoted to be in demand of peoples work and thereby life.

Unchallenging tasks and bad leadership is among the most common reason to skip a job. A weak and unambiguous leader is one of the most common reasons for employees having stress.

It’s very normal to hear people complaining about the boss, just like when you were a kid complaining about the teacher. Contrary it’s very rear to hear people talking about how fantastic their boss is. Is this just a natural reaction to authorities?

I don’t think so. In my opinion there are too few leaders being evaluated for their skills concerning the human within al employees. Even worse, there is too many leaders being conflict-averse not talking to the employees before thing become a problem.

In many companies leaders get appointed not because of their abilities as leaders but because of seniority. But a good nurse doesn’t automatically qualify as a good head nurse. A good waiter doesn’t automatically quality as good supervisor etc. etc. Even in large companies bad leaders get to manage. How come that these “leaders” doesn’t get evaluated and sometimes fired?

In the world of soccer the coach has to have an exam in coaching. If he doesn’t perform he often gets fired right away. A lot of organization might learn from this and a lot of employees would appreciate it. Thereby I equate that if the coach manage to lead the players the team will succeed.