Webreg.dk is down – ONCE AGAIN

Once again the Danish government controlled www.webreg.dk doesn’t work. I’m out of control. Furious and frustrated. As always when needing to change my company information webreg.dk doesn’t work.

What is webreg.dk?
Webreg.dk is the one place for company owners to make change in their company profiles such as address, taxes etc. I’ve multiple times during the past five years again and again experienced problems with this system and it is unbelievable that it still is THE SYSTEM to be used by the Danish Government.

The frustration doesn’t get smaller knowing that it will cost extra to contact the government authority to make the changes. And by the way – they are closed at Christmas time. And right know it’s Christmas time and I need to make salary for my employees but can’t make the necessary changes. I don’t believe that Denmark is the place to be for an entrepreneur. At least not to between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


Okay, what’s going on? I guess it about time that I write about some of the action going on.

First of all, things are starting to happen. Two projects are on-going and are the ones to focus on right now. On the 1st of July I’ve started up a small web shop together with my girlfriend, Anne, selling shoes for women with small size feets. It’s called Lillesko.dk and is actually going quit well. The goal was to sell around 200 pairs a year and after three months the numbers were already there. Therefor next stop is 500 pairs a year. Hopefully we can succeed with that in 2012.

The shop was for me started to get more experience with running a web shop. To get to know all the mechanisms. At the same time it was fun doing business with Anne cause she got some other skills than I which in many ways are complementary.

Next stop is Hejnytaar This is collaboration together with Anne and a chef that had a whole bunch of ideas but had trouble get them out there. And that is what I like to do.

Hejnytaar.dk is a new year’s eve catering for private people who can either collect the food them self or get it delivered by us. I’m “behind the screen” creating the web site etc., Anne is talking in the phone doing the head to head sales and the chef is of course doing the food when time comes.

The goal? 500 menus. But why not a 1000? We are ready. The setup is there. The chef is fantastic and we are ready to go out there and do it. And after that, next project is going on.