When your first customer doesn’t pay.

It has from the beginning of the “HejHej” concept been the plan to start up a temp agency for waiters. But due to lack of resources and focus on the New Year project (hejnytaar.dk) it had been postponed.

In December our chef, Richard, got in the task of finding waiters to a new restaurant/hotel at a new opening castle. And when you get a job you go for it.

Therefore Anne had a week of hard work getting waiters listed and ready. All three of us contacted everybody to get the eight waiters needed for the first job. If doing the first job well there might be a second etc. etc.

We did the job and there was no doubt that we there a success. In December we got more jobs from the same place as well as from others restaurants. That’s how the temp agency got started before expected.

When starting up in this way you do not always have everything ready. No contracts, no wage system etc. You just work to solve the job and trust the people around you. In this case it became a struggle that we didn’t have our ground stuff in order. When due to pay the owners behind the restaurant for who we had done the most work contacted us saying that they could pay our bill on $ 10000. Furthermore we had in the news we heard that a small cleaning company had reported the restaurant as bad payers. What to do?

The situation is hard. On one side you want your money but you can’t just go and collect them. You need to play the game and try to negotiate. At the same time the owners where very hard to get in contact with and when we did they kept saying that they had money out as well waiting for them before paying us.

At the moment of writing we haven’t got our money yet. They are one month late in paying. We are in Thailand buying shoes to our Internet shoe shop and therefore have difficulties trying to collect the money. But we will try hard to find a solution when we get back in mid-February.

The New Year Project

So how did the New Year catering project go? Well, we didn’t reach the 500. We didn’t even get close. But we got a lot of experience especially in the packaging process and the logistics about sending out food. And we got a lot of Google info to be used in the future to this and other projects.