First small payment

After several tries to get in contact I finally got a call two days ago from the debtor. He told me he is under a huge pressure trying to get his business going. But we made the agreement that he should pay $2000 now and the rest before the 1st of April. Yesterday the $2000 was on our account. That was the first step in the right direction.

The Royal Danish Embassy

Why do we have embassies? Last week Anne and I visited The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok. The visit was unannounced. I don’t know what I expected. I guess I was hoping somebody had a moment of time maybe to make an appointment later.

What I didn’t expect was a big wall surrounding the embassy, a small gate and guard opening a small hatch in the door asking for our purpose. He told us that without an appointment we couldn’t come in. Then he wrote a number on a small pink sticker and told us to call on that number.

To me this raises the question: What do I as a regular Danish citizen need an embassy for unless I need a visa? On the door a note even gave a number to contact if I was in an emergency.

Is the embassy only for jetset dinners and business with other countries? I needed some small advice regarding import to Denmark. Where to go in Bangkok? I guess that is not what the embassy is there for. At least I learned that The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok is closed country for everybody including a Dane. And you don’t just stop by to say hello.

To travel

All my life I’ve been travelling. As a child each summer was spend on vacations with my parents typically around the Mediterranean Sea mostly in France and Italy. Beautiful countries with fantastic weather and nice people. And as a kid a swimming pool could do it.

In those summers I learned to be among other cultures and people not speaking my own language. As an adult I’m still travelling. I did in the beginning of my twenties as a form for grand tour and as I turned 30 I decided to priorities the travelling. Now I just can’t stay at home. I get to much energy and inputs and I get away from all the daily challenges and new ideas get started.

Being 34 I’m still doing the backpacking and I love it. I feel that I get close to the people living in that particular country and thereby get to know the country better. Sometimes it can be tough and sometimes you dream yourself to a luxury resort but then again I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have been able to get all the experiences that I have today on a luxury resort.

H.C. Andersen said: “To travel is to live”. It’s very much a cliché to say that he was right. But he was, and the rest of my life I’m sure that I will be travelling. Cause I want to live…