All the money paid


Finally. Got the last money from the December job today. A lot of patience and some talks back and forth finally paid off. At times it looked like it wouldn’t go through but I’m so glad it did. We have showed some patience and given them a lot of time to get up and running but I must say it is tough having money out not knowing if you ever get paid.



Still doing the only marketing. Now with a site covering the Danish football cup tournament. The site is called I’ve always though that it was hard to get information and results from this tournament so therefore I’ve created my own site. The thought is of course that if I need the information there is probably a lot of other Danes out there who could be interested in some results and statistics. Now I just need to get people into my sight.

Only marketing-wise I’m going for Google Adsense, Pokerstars and Ladbrokes affiliate programs and finally Partner-ads as an affiliate network. I need some traffic to clarify which ones gives the most.

Regarding my other sites:
is doing fine but primarily earns money through my free Google adds.

is a hell of a lot of work. I think it’s to much but let’s see what the next couple of weeks will bring.