Dropping one site

Okay it was to much. I’ve taking the consequence and dropped the gaming blog that I’ve started just two months ago. There is definitely too much work in keep a “news” blog up to date. My learning is – Online marketing is for sites that have a content that’s never dying and is relevant over a larger period of time. Okay, got it, point taken.

And to do things worse I forgot my Google Adwords which just kept running making my loose 120$ more than I got in earnings. Those Adwords, those Adwords…

Landspokalen went well during the finales in the tournament but most of the traffic came from my own Google adds. I know this will take time but am willing to devote the time needed. I will try to keep search optimising the site and hopefully get some more traffic without paying for it.

Building more websites have given me a knowledge about SEO that have made it clear to me that I have to work on the streetfoodinbangkok site and the other sites for that matter. But this is good and there is no doubt that SEO is important to know in online marketing and in website building in general. SEO is the key to success online.