A new direction

Kamilia Amélie
Sometimes life just takes you in a new direction and I would say that is what has happened now regarding my work life. After several questions a la “Why don’t you…?” to my sister who is fighting to break through in the music business as a singer-songwriter I’ve taking in the task of being her manager.

Kamilia, is her name, has for almost two years been working on her debut album which is getting close to finish. Together with her producer, Steven Mahona from Nephel Music, she has recorded almost an entire album paying everything herself. It a tough business.

Any way, she were on a fantastic tour in the spring warming up for Danish singer Lukas Graham. It was 43 concerts around the country and it gave her a lot of experience – especially since she often had to stand on the stage alone. In that period I often asked why she didn’t do this and that regarding marketing. After doing some press material for her now the time has come where we decided that I should try out a period as her manager until her album is released. After that we will evaluate and see if we should continue. I’m looking very much forward to this.