Is the focus right? That is a huge question being an entrepreneur. Time is limited and always will be. Therefore you need to be careful about how you use that time. How do you optimise the time you use on your projects (if you have more than one). Could the time be used better by focusing on less projects is a good question to ask yourself once in a while.

We just did that in HejHej. Is everyone committed to continue? Is things going to slow? How should we focus? I must say being three days a week at Advalight doesn’t give much time to all the rest. Lillesko, HejHej (right now New year catering and waiters), and goodkarmamusic is the rest (plus a little bit of online marketing). Each project could be a whole weeks job in itself.

So do I do the job good enough? Do I get the right amount of potential out of each project? No, probably not. But I love doing it. I love every case in itself. I love shifting from one project to another not having to do the same job al week long.

So should I focus more on one project? Should I choose to cut down and focus? I always lecture for focus. I think it is the single best advise in many questions regarding doing business. That being said – in this case I choose to continue. Why? Because it’s fun and that is the most import part of my work life right now. I might not exploit the full potential of the ideas but if one of the projects should run away and demand more focus I will do that. Right now I will continue for a while and see which project that is.

Danes and tourists

Solvang, California
I must confess. I’m not that big a fan of tourists and meeting older Danish tourists gathering together is terrible. That being said I just had to go to Solvang. An old Danish settlement in California just north of Santa Barbara. It was actually funny seeing Danish build houses, an windmill and Danish names everywhere. A dinner (which was suppose to be Danish including Danish dressing remoulade – BUT WASN’T) and a couple of hours was enough. Then it was back on the road.

USA election day 2012

Sticker given to everybody who have voted.
Okay, I must say, that I’ve looked forward to be in the country on election day in USA. But I was a bit disappointed. Being in Los Angeles on election day you would expect to notice that the election was going on. You don’t. Unless you turn on the TV you will not guess that Obama vs Romney is going on. Very different from Denmark where you would see the elections going on everywhere in the streets.

The election evening was held at an old high school friend of mine, who now live in East Highland outside Los Angeles, and his wife. We arrived for dinner and turned on the television a quarter past eight. To late. The election was already over. Obama had been re-elected as president. I had been looking forward to sitting the whole evening in excitement about who would win. That was a very short evening. But a couple of red wines later we forgotten all about that.

What surprised me most about the election was that it wasn’t only about voting for the president and voting for the next government. The Americans have to vote for school boards and proposition regarding taxes, grocery labels and etc. In my Danish opinion questions that the politicians should decide.

The campaigns regarding these  props. is mainly driven by radio advertisement there millions of dollars are spend on “informing” the population. But it is more confusing than informing. Robin Williams visited the Late Show with David Letterman two days after the election and commented these commercials regarding these props with an imitation: “Vote yes to no, no to yes and maybe to perhaps”. That captures  these “educational” commercials quite well.

In California Prop 37 was turned down by the population. The prop. was about informing more on the grocery labels. Information that in Denmark has been law for a long time. The opponents to this suggestion said that it will make the groceries more expensive – and then the proposition was turned down. Thereby the Americans was more interested in note having more expensive groceries instead of knowing what they put in to the mouth of their children.

The sticker on the picture is given to everybody who have voted. Approximately 57.5 % of the Americans got that sticker.

Walking with the stars

Walking with the stars
Doing an California road trip yuo have to stop by Hollywood Blvd. This is a tourist magnet – that’s is. There is no glamour about this street but still fun looking at the stars. A drive through Beverly Hills and a stop at the small  Beverly Hills Park is much more worth the time and give you the reason why people want to live in LA.