To be surprised or not…

These days a lot of meat scandals is going on around Europe. It is claimed that horse meat has been mixed with other kinds of meat.

But is this surprising. What can you count on? Then it is about people doing business I’m sad to say nothing. Lack of skills, greed, pressure etc. does it impossible to ever be sure. All The communication you get from a company is likely to be strategic moves that have been very well thought of.

This morning the tv screen at the station told me that my train was “On time”. But arriving 6 minutes to late is not “On time”. But most people will think it on time and remember that. So be it if it’s not.

Why communicate something that is not the true? Because of business.

That gives you the question can you do business without by being honest? Well of course. You just always have to be ready to fight against cheaters and greed. No business is honest but you can try to make your business honest. And the victory will always fell bigger.


Kamilia Amélie
Okay, last post was about focus now it’s about restructuring. New Years Eve and HejHej catering went fine. Not good but we got more experiences and our fantastic chef Richard once again made great food. That being said 120 orders could have been a bit more but we did a good job and know what to change for next year.

From the first of February I’ve started full time in Advalight. Not because I’m giving up entrepreneuring but because I’ve come to a conclusion that it could be nice with a larger income to get rid of some debt that I some time think is setting up obstacles in my life.

At the same time it was getting harder and harder to get everything done in three days at Advalight so it was time to go full-time. Especially because there is a lot of interesting tasks waiting for my including responsible for distribution in one or more countries.

But right now a lot of time is put in being manager for Kamilia Amélie. At the moment interesting things is happening  and it’s great fun being a part of. In January she got a great five stars review in Danish music magazine Gaffa which have led to very positive vibes. In February Kamilia is Special Guest at Danish pop band Alphabeat’ tour around the country and in March she is going on tour herself with the her own band. We are right now fighting to get everybody to know of Kamilia and the concerts.

My own part is strategic talks with Kamilia, setting up a radio tour and being responsible for a new single release “Jante Law Suppressed”. Besides that I’m trying to be there to as many concerts as possible as a tour manager. So the weekends is filled as well.

So there has been some restructuring and time is a scarce resource but everything is just interesting and I’m sure it going to be good. A least I know what to do. Work :-)