Progress and understanding your goal.


For me personally this week in Advalight has been great. After a long time dealing with documents and regularities this week was building week. The goal is set on five bastards to be almost the CE mark versions but built with parts not approved. These bastards are going out to test around the world. This is great. The best part is that even I have been working with cutting parts and assembling. This gives a great atmosphere and a feeling of having a product just around the corner.

Kamilia ended the tour last Saturday. Same story as before but Friday was a great concert at Roskilde University and suddenly gave us the light I think We were looking for. A great evening that set the scene for the next couple of months. A concert like that is what we are fighting for is going to be everyday concerts. That is the goal.

At the same time this week have also been the week when we finally got together in Hejhej and filmed the New years eve catering. A homemade studio was set up in the kitchen at home filming one day and taking photographies the next. Hopefully it when well. Especially the filming I have a great feeling about and I think that is going to be good. The images is more so and so and I think I have to do some magic in Photoshop.

A tough week has ended. Now it is off to Tuscany and a few days of relaxing with some good wine, food and company. Looking forward to that. Haven’t been in Italy for 17 years since a school trip went crazy – but that is a story for and other time.

Tough times.

Okay, lets face it. The New Era Tour is a disappointment. Very few people showing up. 10 yesterday in S√łnderborg. That makes is very tough but I most say, Kamilia is keeping up the spirit still saying it was a great concert and that the audience had a good time. She to is so tough.

A New Era?

This week have been spend with a lot of Kamilia. Unfortunately but also fortunately. Kamilia is set to go on The New Era Tour arranged by booking company 3rd Tsunami and with participation from upcoming band I’m All Ears.

The deal was clear. I’m All Ears should release an album and make a lot of noise. On the contrary Kamilia should just go along. It sounds a bit arrogant but it wasn’t meant to be that the Kamilia team should put resources into it.

Well, everything didn’t go this way. I’m All Ears didn’t release and the audience numbers before the tour wasn’t good. And to be frankly it didn’t seem like I’m All Ears had done much to get people to the concerts or even understood the importance of marketing/pr.

So we decided to do something. Two pop-up concerts has been arranged on two High Schools in Aarhus so at least Kamilia gets to play in front of two big crowds.