Versatile job situation – a busy week.

07:00 Getting up, making big breakfast.
09:15 Advalight – extended board meeting, Strategy day.
17:00 Board meeting finished, going home.
21:00, cutting sound from video take of arranging
of New Years course.
01:30 Bed.
07.15 Getting up, making big breakfast.
09:30 Advalight – Followup on board meeting, graphical layout
of Clinical Manual.
17:00 Leaving Advalight.
21:00, cutting pictures from video take. Wrong format
gave a lot of troubleshooting.
02:30 Bed.
07.15 Getting up, making big breakfast.
08:45 Advalight, cutting/folding metal for laser prototype, meeting
with nordic distributor.
17:45 Leaving Advalight.
18:20 Staring up meeting at Kamilia making 2014 year plan for
new album release.
23:30 Leaving Kamilia.
00:30 Bed.
07.45 Getting up, making big breakfast.
09:00 Advalight, summery board meeting, accounting etc.
16:45 Leaving Advalight.
17:00 Dropping of Lillesko package for a customer to use the
shoes in the weekend.
21:00 Turning on Europe League and Esbjerg in the background
and image/flyers on Photoshop.
00:30 Finishing up heading for bed.
07:45 Getting up, making big breakfast – omelette..
09:00 Advalight, cutting/folding metal for laser prototype, delivering
sledge etc.
16:00 Finishing this week work.

Is this a normal week? NO. But it has been a great week with a lot of achievements and still going strong on the energy.

Now – it weekend in Malmo with the boys.

Great times, lots of energy.

What a great and sleepless two weeks I’ve just spended. A lot is going on at the moment and a lot of pressure is put on my shoulders – by myself that is.

Kamilia Amelie is starting up her second album and this project needs some planning and focus right now. After a bit of unagreement about how to do it the best and who is responsible for what I think we have agreed on a great solution for planning until the end of 2014.

It going to be exiting and for me in particular it is very interesting to be a part of starting up from the beginning, be able to feel the caos and the excitement about the project and being able to influence the strategy from day one. Some long evenings have been spend so far.

A long with this we have the New Years catering going on and I haven’t been spending time on this eventhough it really is to be worked on right now. Instead I’ve focused on doing a lot of accounting which I once again was behind with. It IS always about that VAT and I’m always behind. Now I’ve decided to be in front also because it gives an overview of the business and whether we earn any money.

I think in many ways this is one of the entrepreneurs largest challenges and therefore also mine. I rather want to make some business and follow ideas and customers instead of doing the accounting. Third quarter has been done and now the goal is to do the  accounting each month. A best thing is that it will be less time consuming and I will get to business better. It is only a win situation.

Now I’m ready for New Years websites and videos.