2013 part 3 – the rest

Okay, then there is all the rest. Where to begin? Lillesko (shoes for women with small feet sold on our website) has not been priorities in 2013. With all me extra work in the weekends time has not been there for our hobby project but I still believe in the market so lillesko.dk will definitely be a focus point for 2014.

HejHej have given my some waitering and bartender jobs but more important Anne have successfully kept making some catering jobs through out the year. Of course New Years Eve is our big day of the year. I don’t expect that much of a revenue but I still fancy the idea, we are getting better and better and the jobs keep coming so why not earn the extra money to sweeten up our lives.

The last project I’m spending time on is the Kamilia Amélie music project. I’m managing her and in many ways I think we are doing well. Sometimes I feel that I’m not spending as much time as I would like but than again, as her producer puts it a “full-time” manager also have several project so that would be the same if we got somebody else to do the managing. So far we all like the collaboration and want to continue. Personally it gives my a lot of new inputs form a complete different business than I’m used to and it makes me dream of a life with music and happy days. But it also gives me a great insight to a terrible business where “the hit” is everything and connections is more.

Right now a new album is being made and we are going for a record deal. I believe it can be done and I hope that my tasks in 2014 will be more project management and not so much PR and marketing. We believe in a great year 2014 for the fantastic Kamilia Amélie.

2013 part 2 – Advalight

The year started well. I was still on half time (three days a week that is) but was a bit too busy. In the end of February we were set to be audited and finally get our CE-mark so we would be able to sell our systems in all of Europe.

Therefore it was decided that I should go back on full time. More and more marketing was to be done and everything looked very excited so the timing was good. I felt ready to go back and was sure there would be plenty to do.

Unfortunately we did not get the CE-mark in February and had to wait until ultimo June. And when we got the mark in June several improvements had to be implemented on the system before we actually could sell the system.

The spring was okay but I must say that July and several months in the fall has been tough getting through. It is hard to do marketing when you don’t even have a picture of your product and our CEO, Thomas, and I have constantly had to fight to keep our heads up and keep the motivation high. Cause going to work knowing that the best you can do is helping others with there work isn’t much fun in the long run.

One thing I’ve have done is starting up working with the great Misam regarding our website. This site have been under construction for a long time and have had several unsuccessful collaborations put behind. But in Misam I’ve found I guy who I believe can do the job and who understand my needs. I think this will be good and we are ready to launch primo 2014.

What’s going to happen now? Well the first test-system was shipped to our collaborating doctor Tomas Dam in December and he is doing some tests with the system. Afterwards several other systems is to be shipped for more testing and for distributors to try it.

I still believe in this project even though it now has been over eight years on its way. But I also believe that it will take some time and more loops to get the system completely finished. My hope is to ship a system for Poland in March and hopefully they are still up for it. I also hope that we will be ready with CE-marked systems in March so that I can start-up the marketing for real.

My job in Advalight in 2014 will be getting the Polish market started and getting all the necessary marketing material in place. If so then it will be a good year. I’m ready to fight but I’m depending on the rest of the team to get the system completely finished.

2013 part 1 – the apartment

Life in general
In many ways this has been a special year. Both on a personal level and business wise. On the personal level the year 2012 ended with a termination from our rented apartment after only one year. That was not the plan and with Anne having an apartment in Roskilde and just having bought a summer cottage and I having way too much debt form start-ups and my time at university the outlook for more years in Sydhavnen wasn’t good.

Fortunately an opportunity for me to go full time at Advalight reveal and we decided to go all in. Year 2013 should be the year of work. Anne didn’t quite believe in it but when I set my self up for something I’m really stubborn and don’t give up. We had one year – we had to succeed.

So we worked. A lot. Many time as waiter, full time Advalight, some catering etc. etc. Not always fun jobs but as long as there was money to be earned we did. At the same time everything was put in to the bank account. I had two loans and by drawing two bar charts it became very visual what was needed to succeed and especially the results so far became very clear.

In this way my debt disappeared and a solution came close. Then the talk with my bank started but that just ended out in a anticlimax with a financial adviser who didn’t have much saying when a decision was to be made. The friendly adviser praised my effort but her boss couldn’t see it and just multiplied our income by three to get a decision whether they wanted to loan us the money. That wasn’t enough.

It was time to go towards old bank connections in my home town Svendborg and suddenly there was a whole other attitude to me as a customer. Time to discuss and time to understand my situation was the key difference and a loan was granted. After some negotiation with the seller, which ended good, the apartment was ours on the first of August.

I must admit that I hadn’t expected that it would take so much energy not to be sure where to live and not to be able to decide yourself in what direction your life should go. It was terrible to have, in this case, bank advisers and a vendor to decide whether I’m capable of paying of for instance an apartment or the price was right and I’ve promised my self that this situation must never occur again. Nobody else than me decides where I live.