Fucking did it.

Yep, it’s okay to swear when you reach your goals. When else should you do it. The weight doesn’t lie and it just hit bottom at 61,2 kilos. That is what I call success and that is what I call ready for Thailand beaches.

The last week ended up in six days of training. And I’ll be honest. I hated it. Denmark is sad now a days, everything is dark, the sun have in Copenhagen only shinned for nine hours in whole of January and I’m down on energy. But a goal is a goal and on I went for the spinning. Four times of spinning and two times of running in the cold January weather. Besides this, remembering to eat well and “correct” according to my believes.

I’m damn happy and ready for vacation. I really need it in my head. It is tired and worn out. But my body… It looks better now than four weeks ago. There is no excuse for not succeeding.

See you Thailand, bye bye dark Denmark.

Sitting down.

From the front.
From the front.

From the side.
From the side.

65.5 vs 61.5
65.5 vs 61.5.

Three weeks – one to go.

I haven’t been that good in this week. Four times training – that is three times spinning and one time running. It sounds okay but mentally I haven’t been present when doing the spinning. I’ve been tired. It is very dark and cold in Denmark right now and I haven’t had the energy to really kick ass. One more week and I’m leaving for Asia and I think that vacation couldn’t come at a better time.

Well, resultwise I’m still hanging on to the goal of one kilo each week. The weight is saying 62,6 making it 2,9 kilos in three weeks. That is not bad and in this week I’ve even had a evening out with the boys and I can’t say alcohol and a lot of food wasn’t involved.

The rest of the time I’ve really tried to stick to my diet and especially not eating to much in the evening. That is not always easy but I’m quit sure that it works. One more week and that is it. I still think I can do it.

Three weeks

Still on track

One more week have gone by and I’m half through. The results are still on track according to the weight but I feel impatient regarding the look of my stomach. There is still to much of it.

Today I’m on 63.3 kilos which is a bit in front of schedule but I think that’s good cause it won’t be easier down the road.

I figure that at one point I probably will gain some weight too due to muscles being build up but so far I’m only loosing fat.

This week ended up with six times training. Three times spinning, two times running and one class of fitness boxing.

At the same time I’m thinking about what I’m eating and especially cutting down on the alcohol. But then again I’m not religious about not drinking alcohol. It will always be a struggle to loose weight but it shouldn’t also be a pain in the ass living. The results must be celebrated with thought.


My breakfast.

One and a half year ago I went to a network meeting which had a small lecture on what to eat. In many ways this is religion. We all know what is good and bad, what to do and especially what not to do.

For some reason this lecture gave my new inputs. A new religion so to speak. It was not only about what to eat but more when to eat.

The three presenters also talked about what to eat, when to go to bed, exercise etc. but more important they flipped the day around telling us to eat steak and vegetables in the morning and not too much food in the evening.

The thought is that if you eat well in the morning you have the whole day to burn it instead of eating a lot just before you go to bed. I bought it.

I went home to Anne and suggested that we tried for a month and as she always have said that it was the way to eat there were no problem implementing it in our life. Well, you just have to get used to the steak or chicken in the morning but still.

The crazy part of it is that I’ve been eating Kellogg’s cornflakes for more than 30 years. I practically held the whole business of Kellogg’s going. And when the presenter said “when you’ve tried this you never going back” I just didn’t believe him.

Now I’ve been eating like this for one and a half year five times a week. Sometimes I still eat regular breakfast but I love my steak and in periods with no training I still manage to keep my body healthy.

Bon appetite.


One week & one kilo down

One week have gone by and I’ve started up the training towards a four kilo weight loss. The goal is training five times a week and this first week ended up with six times. Four times spinning, one time running and one time swimming combined with some weights when spinning.

The result is already there. I’m one kilo down as I actually expected. I think the first two kilos will be easy but we’ll see. So far I’m on schedule.


My body

This is my body. I’m not sad about it but I’m sure ain’t proud either. A year spend with too much work and too little focus on training. That was a chose but now it is time to choose differently. It’s time for training 2014.

In four weeks from today I will go on vacation in Thailand. In the next four weeks I will eat and train the right way. The goal is four kilos to be lost. It might not sound of much and I’m sure the first one or two kilos will go easy but it is always the last ones that is tough.

It will be done by eating steak and vegetables in the morning and training after work five times a week. My body shall loose fat and get toned at the same time. The training will primarily be weight and spinning combined with a class now or then.

The goal is set, the motivation is on, I believe I can do it.

Sitting down.

From the front.

2014-01-02 08.28.37
From the side.

65.5 vs 61.5
65.5 vs 61.5