Syrian war

Politicians doing nothing.

Why become a politician? The obvious answer must be to change things. Because you have an opinion and you believe that your opinion is the right one that actually can change the world whether is locally or more global. If that is true my next question is – why do I see so little action and so many analyses and committees?

An examples:
The war in Syria makes young Danes, and other nationalities, go to war in Syria. This week ex-politician Naser Khader yield load to wake up the politicians to do something about it. The responsible minister told the press “That the government take this very serious, have made some actions and that they are waiting for a committee to come with recommendations right after the summer holiday. (that is in at least three months from now)”

WHAT!!! How come all decisions have to be analysed by some external specialist? How come no politician can take action, talk to our neighbours in Europe (France, Holland etc. have experience with this), make a decision and save life. How come do they have to wait for a committee to make there recommendations while young people is being killed. Come on – you got the responsibility to do something. Take action. - front page


Okay, well, yes, I know, it is time to update – our website selling small sized shoes for women with small feet. Last year was the year off work and focus on specific areas and one of those areas wasn’t Lillesko. I must admit that the website was on hold. If we sold a pair we shipped it but that’s it. We didn’t put up new products, do any marketing etc.

Now times have changes and it is time to focus on Lillesko again. I’ve just implemented a free one-page-checkout from IWD Extensions. This is something I wanted for a long time as I find the default solution in Magento a bit unhandy. Checking out of a shop should be easy and fast and not be made in several steps. So far it looks good.

Next is moving the hosting to a dedicated Magento hosting site,, including adding a shipping extension for the Danish post office. Moving the site is due to the dedication and especially back-ups they provide and a hope for a faster hosting while the extension hopefully will make it easier to ship, including labeling and Track&trace, and thereby make this part of the business a walk in the park. This should have been done a long time ago but now we are looking forward and the transaction has started.

Hard work

What is hard work?

That is in many ways what you could call a good question. Normally I would say that struggling at your job doing the best you can, would be hard work. Often I actually feel that if a job haven’t been a bit unfunny, hard, tough, frustrating, uninspiring and just boring then it haven’t been hard work. If things are to funny its more a hobby.

That actually conflicts with my general opinion about having a job. It should be fun. If it ain’t fun get a new job. At the same time I constantly find my self doing work that ain’t funny. That ain’t inspiring. Why? Because I have a goal and that goal is more important than anything else. Also more important than having fun doing my job. The goal is to me the key to success. With no goal you don’t have a direction and you will not know where to end up.

So the goal sometimes, or should I say often, makes me put aside my philosophy about having fun at the job. Over and over again, especially being an entrepreneur, there is a new boring task coming up. It have to be solved because it’s your business but you loose some of the enthusiasm.

Lesson? Well, I admit. Sometimes I should be better at outsourcing some of the tasks even though it costs a bit of money and than focus on what I do best and what I like to do. That being said there is nothing more fulfilling than succeeding after hard work – you now the boring kind.

Hard work - doneA weekend of hard work.