Daniel Agger is back

He’s back

Oh what a day. He’s back. Daniel Agger is back in Brøndby IF. Nobody had expected this right now. Maybe in two or three years from now but not for this season. He have had a lot of offers from international clubs but he chooses Brøndby and probably also his health and the fact that he is going to play every time which also can give him a longer career on the national team since the Danish Superliga ain’t that tough.

As hard as it is to understand that he’s back I have say I think it is about loyalty and about him hoping that Brøndby once again can become the huge Scandinavian club that it was years back. He want to be able to raise the club and he have the health to do that now and not in a few years from now. You gotta respect that loyalty especially in modern football. You don’t see that every day.

Oh, yes – he’s back.

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Danish English & motivation

I like to build stuff. I like to start up projects and businesses from the ground and see things grow bigger. Not even big more just see things get started and in one way or and other succeed. On the contrary I have very little respect for the opposite. People destroying . Especially when some people thinks it is okay to destroy something other people have used their time building. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

I don’t get it. How come some people thinks that is okay?

I got hacked. This site included. And when that happens it is very hard for me to get myself together and get it fixed. I hate it. I hate rebuilding. That so demotivating. I rather like to write new articles or even pay my bills. I get filled with anger against these people let them self in to my life, hiding and not even giving me a chance to front them.

Well, I’M BACK. As always I get back. I don’t know how but I do. I never stop. I think it is a good thing being entrepreneur. And in this case it gave me the chance to reconsider why I’m writing a blog. How come that I spend the time writing these articles. Especially cause my goal ain’t that other people should read them. It ain’t and probably never will be.

So, I write for my one sake. I write cause I like to do it. Cause I get my opinion and experiences out there. And it doesn’t matter that there is no receiver. So why write in English. Why not Danish. I’ve considered that. Especially cause I’m loosing a lot of Danish topics that would be stupid to write about in English. My conclusion when I though I’ve lost everything was clear. I’ll start all over and that should be in Danish. It’s my mother tongue and comes way more natural to me.

Then I found out I still got an intact database and all my old articles so I thought hey, that’s pretty cool writing in English. Cause if somebody in Indonesia should find my site interesting he or she can read it. Bonus, I still got to use my English and that ain’t so bad in a global world.

So conclusion is that I’m back, still in English but now I know why. Because I like to do it. That’s it. And if somebody out there is reading along – be my guest.

NB: I know. You should always keep a copy of your site. Sorry, I got other things to do than constantly copying my sites – but now it’s done including all of my other sites.