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Danish English & motivation

I like to build stuff. I like to start up projects and businesses from the ground and see things grow bigger. Not even big more just see things get started and in one way or and other succeed. On the contrary I have very little respect for the opposite. People destroying . Especially when some people thinks it is okay to destroy something other people have used their time building. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

I don’t get it. How come some people thinks that is okay?

I got hacked. This site included. And when that happens it is very hard for me to get myself together and get it fixed. I hate it. I hate rebuilding. That so demotivating. I rather like to write new articles or even pay my bills. I get filled with anger against these people let them self in to my life, hiding and not even giving me a chance to front them.

Well, I’M BACK. As always I get back. I don’t know how but I do. I never stop. I think it is a good thing being entrepreneur. And in this case it gave me the chance to reconsider why I’m writing a blog. How come that I spend the time writing these articles. Especially cause my goal ain’t that other people should read them. It ain’t and probably never will be.

So, I write for my one sake. I write cause I like to do it. Cause I get my opinion and experiences out there. And it doesn’t matter that there is no receiver. So why write in English. Why not Danish. I’ve considered that. Especially cause I’m loosing a lot of Danish topics that would be stupid to write about in English. My conclusion when I though I’ve lost everything was clear. I’ll start all over and that should be in Danish. It’s my mother tongue and comes way more natural to me.

Then I found out I still got an intact database and all my old articles so I thought hey, that’s pretty cool writing in English. Cause if somebody in Indonesia should find my site interesting he or she can read it. Bonus, I still got to use my English and that ain’t so bad in a global world.

So conclusion is that I’m back, still in English but now I know why. Because I like to do it. That’s it. And if somebody out there is reading along – be my guest.

NB: I know. You should always keep a copy of your site. Sorry, I got other things to do than constantly copying my sites – but now it’s done including all of my other sites.

Syrian war

Politicians doing nothing.

Why become a politician? The obvious answer must be to change things. Because you have an opinion and you believe that your opinion is the right one that actually can change the world whether is locally or more global. If that is true my next question is – why do I see so little action and so many analyses and committees?

An examples:
The war in Syria makes young Danes, and other nationalities, go to war in Syria. This week ex-politician Naser Khader yield load to wake up the politicians to do something about it. The responsible minister told the press “That the government take this very serious, have made some actions and that they are waiting for a committee to come with recommendations right after the summer holiday. (that is in at least three months from now)”

WHAT!!! How come all decisions have to be analysed by some external specialist? How come no politician can take action, talk to our neighbours in Europe (France, Holland etc. have experience with this), make a decision and save life. How come do they have to wait for a committee to make there recommendations while young people is being killed. Come on – you got the responsibility to do something. Take action.

USA election day 2012

Sticker given to everybody who have voted.
Okay, I must say, that I’ve looked forward to be in the country on election day in USA. But I was a bit disappointed. Being in Los Angeles on election day you would expect to notice that the election was going on. You don’t. Unless you turn on the TV you will not guess that Obama vs Romney is going on. Very different from Denmark where you would see the elections going on everywhere in the streets.

The election evening was held at an old high school friend of mine, who now live in East Highland outside Los Angeles, and his wife. We arrived for dinner and turned on the television a quarter past eight. To late. The election was already over. Obama had been re-elected as president. I had been looking forward to sitting the whole evening in excitement about who would win. That was a very short evening. But a couple of red wines later we forgotten all about that.

What surprised me most about the election was that it wasn’t only about voting for the president and voting for the next government. The Americans have to vote for school boards and proposition regarding taxes, grocery labels and etc. In my Danish opinion questions that the politicians should decide.

The campaigns regarding these  props. is mainly driven by radio advertisement there millions of dollars are spend on “informing” the population. But it is more confusing than informing. Robin Williams visited the Late Show with David Letterman two days after the election and commented these commercials regarding these props with an imitation: “Vote yes to no, no to yes and maybe to perhaps”. That captures  these “educational” commercials quite well.

In California Prop 37 was turned down by the population. The prop. was about informing more on the grocery labels. Information that in Denmark has been law for a long time. The opponents to this suggestion said that it will make the groceries more expensive – and then the proposition was turned down. Thereby the Americans was more interested in note having more expensive groceries instead of knowing what they put in to the mouth of their children.

The sticker on the picture is given to everybody who have voted. Approximately 57.5 % of the Americans got that sticker.

The Royal Danish Embassy

Why do we have embassies? Last week Anne and I visited The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok. The visit was unannounced. I don’t know what I expected. I guess I was hoping somebody had a moment of time maybe to make an appointment later.

What I didn’t expect was a big wall surrounding the embassy, a small gate and guard opening a small hatch in the door asking for our purpose. He told us that without an appointment we couldn’t come in. Then he wrote a number on a small pink sticker and told us to call on that number.

To me this raises the question: What do I as a regular Danish citizen need an embassy for unless I need a visa? On the door a note even gave a number to contact if I was in an emergency.

Is the embassy only for jetset dinners and business with other countries? I needed some small advice regarding import to Denmark. Where to go in Bangkok? I guess that is not what the embassy is there for. At least I learned that The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok is closed country for everybody including a Dane. And you don’t just stop by to say hello.