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Danish English & motivation

I like to build stuff. I like to start up projects and businesses from the ground and see things grow bigger. Not even big more just see things get started and in one way or and other succeed. On the contrary I have very little respect for the opposite. People destroying . Especially when some people thinks it is okay to destroy something other people have used their time building. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

I don’t get it. How come some people thinks that is okay?

I got hacked. This site included. And when that happens it is very hard for me to get myself together and get it fixed. I hate it. I hate rebuilding. That so demotivating. I rather like to write new articles or even pay my bills. I get filled with anger against these people let them self in to my life, hiding and not even giving me a chance to front them.

Well, I’M BACK. As always I get back. I don’t know how but I do. I never stop. I think it is a good thing being entrepreneur. And in this case it gave me the chance to reconsider why I’m writing a blog. How come that I spend the time writing these articles. Especially cause my goal ain’t that other people should read them. It ain’t and probably never will be.

So, I write for my one sake. I write cause I like to do it. Cause I get my opinion and experiences out there. And it doesn’t matter that there is no receiver. So why write in English. Why not Danish. I’ve considered that. Especially cause I’m loosing a lot of Danish topics that would be stupid to write about in English. My conclusion when I though I’ve lost everything was clear. I’ll start all over and that should be in Danish. It’s my mother tongue and comes way more natural to me.

Then I found out I still got an intact database and all my old articles so I thought hey, that’s pretty cool writing in English. Cause if somebody in Indonesia should find my site interesting he or she can read it. Bonus, I still got to use my English and that ain’t so bad in a global world.

So conclusion is that I’m back, still in English but now I know why. Because I like to do it. That’s it. And if somebody out there is reading along – be my guest.

NB: I know. You should always keep a copy of your site. Sorry, I got other things to do than constantly copying my sites – but now it’s done including all of my other sites. - front page


Okay, well, yes, I know, it is time to update – our website selling small sized shoes for women with small feet. Last year was the year off work and focus on specific areas and one of those areas wasn’t Lillesko. I must admit that the website was on hold. If we sold a pair we shipped it but that’s it. We didn’t put up new products, do any marketing etc.

Now times have changes and it is time to focus on Lillesko again. I’ve just implemented a free one-page-checkout from IWD Extensions. This is something I wanted for a long time as I find the default solution in Magento a bit unhandy. Checking out of a shop should be easy and fast and not be made in several steps. So far it looks good.

Next is moving the hosting to a dedicated Magento hosting site,, including adding a shipping extension for the Danish post office. Moving the site is due to the dedication and especially back-ups they provide and a hope for a faster hosting while the extension hopefully will make it easier to ship, including labeling and Track&trace, and thereby make this part of the business a walk in the park. This should have been done a long time ago but now we are looking forward and the transaction has started.

Hard work

What is hard work?

That is in many ways what you could call a good question. Normally I would say that struggling at your job doing the best you can, would be hard work. Often I actually feel that if a job haven’t been a bit unfunny, hard, tough, frustrating, uninspiring and just boring then it haven’t been hard work. If things are to funny its more a hobby.

That actually conflicts with my general opinion about having a job. It should be fun. If it ain’t fun get a new job. At the same time I constantly find my self doing work that ain’t funny. That ain’t inspiring. Why? Because I have a goal and that goal is more important than anything else. Also more important than having fun doing my job. The goal is to me the key to success. With no goal you don’t have a direction and you will not know where to end up.

So the goal sometimes, or should I say often, makes me put aside my philosophy about having fun at the job. Over and over again, especially being an entrepreneur, there is a new boring task coming up. It have to be solved because it’s your business but you loose some of the enthusiasm.

Lesson? Well, I admit. Sometimes I should be better at outsourcing some of the tasks even though it costs a bit of money and than focus on what I do best and what I like to do. That being said there is nothing more fulfilling than succeeding after hard work – you now the boring kind.

Hard work - doneA weekend of hard work.

New Year Eve – WE DID IT…

Oohhh, what a day. It wasn’t the intention that we had to work 30 hours in a row but it ended that way. And when you have to fight the success just feels better even though the ultimate success would have been not working 30 hours in a row but actually having everything planned perfectly.

Here it comes. Once again our chef Richard, Anne and I was doing the New Years Eve catering. We have started a new concept this year New Year buffet targeting at a younger audience than our normal three meal course which still was our main focus.

I’ve been fighting to get everything ready for December including a new website with credit card solution. Unfortunately the national Teller (NETS) had a longer delivery time than I expected and the credit card solution wasn’t ready until the 20th of December. Any way, a lot of work but we sold a couple of buffets and the site is ready for next year.

On the three meal course the goal was set at 200 orders and we ended up making 195 orders. I’m very satisfied. Last year ended at around 120 orders. I think it is a combination of Google/Facebook marketing and the menu itself that sold all these orders.

Any way, to feed 200 people on New Years Eve gives you a certain responsibility to deliver a good product and on time. People get extremely worried on this evening. We started the procurement and production two days before on the 29th. Everything went well and we were ahead of schedule. This fact I think made some of us “sleep” a bit on the 30th. Because for some reason things just kept on taking too long time.

One mistake we had made was serving kings crab. It toke way too long getting all that crab out of its shelf. This not only ruined our time schedule but also gave us some problems with having enough crab but we managed to get everything working. The second mistake was having Anne and I in the kitchen. We worked but we were not aware of the time pressure we actually had and Richard didn’t tell us. So we worked in a quit slowly pace thinking we still were ahead of schedule. We weren’t.

After a long nights fight were we suddenly realised the reality at around two or three in the night we finished up packing the last of the orders at 11:30 am getting ready to drive at noon. Anne went for a quick shower as I just went into the car. We drove for six and a half hour until 6:30 pm. At that moment we’ve been working for more than 30 hours. That was not the plan.

But sitting there in the evening in my sister apartment celebrating the New Year I definitely also was celebrating the victory of delivering 195 orders around Sealand with only small delays. It felt like success.

New Years Eve - Catering

PS: We only got a few complaints which I think is hard to get past without. Some of them was completely fair and gives us the opportunity to do it even better next year.

2013 part 3 – the rest

Okay, then there is all the rest. Where to begin? Lillesko (shoes for women with small feet sold on our website) has not been priorities in 2013. With all me extra work in the weekends time has not been there for our hobby project but I still believe in the market so will definitely be a focus point for 2014.

HejHej have given my some waitering and bartender jobs but more important Anne have successfully kept making some catering jobs through out the year. Of course New Years Eve is our big day of the year. I don’t expect that much of a revenue but I still fancy the idea, we are getting better and better and the jobs keep coming so why not earn the extra money to sweeten up our lives.

The last project I’m spending time on is the Kamilia Amélie music project. I’m managing her and in many ways I think we are doing well. Sometimes I feel that I’m not spending as much time as I would like but than again, as her producer puts it a “full-time” manager also have several project so that would be the same if we got somebody else to do the managing. So far we all like the collaboration and want to continue. Personally it gives my a lot of new inputs form a complete different business than I’m used to and it makes me dream of a life with music and happy days. But it also gives me a great insight to a terrible business where “the hit” is everything and connections is more.

Right now a new album is being made and we are going for a record deal. I believe it can be done and I hope that my tasks in 2014 will be more project management and not so much PR and marketing. We believe in a great year 2014 for the fantastic Kamilia Amélie.

2013 part 2 – Advalight

The year started well. I was still on half time (three days a week that is) but was a bit too busy. In the end of February we were set to be audited and finally get our CE-mark so we would be able to sell our systems in all of Europe.

Therefore it was decided that I should go back on full time. More and more marketing was to be done and everything looked very excited so the timing was good. I felt ready to go back and was sure there would be plenty to do.

Unfortunately we did not get the CE-mark in February and had to wait until ultimo June. And when we got the mark in June several improvements had to be implemented on the system before we actually could sell the system.

The spring was okay but I must say that July and several months in the fall has been tough getting through. It is hard to do marketing when you don’t even have a picture of your product and our CEO, Thomas, and I have constantly had to fight to keep our heads up and keep the motivation high. Cause going to work knowing that the best you can do is helping others with there work isn’t much fun in the long run.

One thing I’ve have done is starting up working with the great Misam regarding our website. This site have been under construction for a long time and have had several unsuccessful collaborations put behind. But in Misam I’ve found I guy who I believe can do the job and who understand my needs. I think this will be good and we are ready to launch primo 2014.

What’s going to happen now? Well the first test-system was shipped to our collaborating doctor Tomas Dam in December and he is doing some tests with the system. Afterwards several other systems is to be shipped for more testing and for distributors to try it.

I still believe in this project even though it now has been over eight years on its way. But I also believe that it will take some time and more loops to get the system completely finished. My hope is to ship a system for Poland in March and hopefully they are still up for it. I also hope that we will be ready with CE-marked systems in March so that I can start-up the marketing for real.

My job in Advalight in 2014 will be getting the Polish market started and getting all the necessary marketing material in place. If so then it will be a good year. I’m ready to fight but I’m depending on the rest of the team to get the system completely finished.