First Adsense page up and running

A business trip to Southeast Asia sometimes gives you some spare time to think and innovate. It has for a while been an interest of mine to get started with making Adsense websites. First of all in a attempt to earn some money but also because I think its fun and I got some concepts in mind that I would love to try out.

Anyway, the trip in February gave me a new idea and in the last couple of days I’ve spend some time getting up and running including my first Adsense.

I’m actually very satisfied about the website but my first problem is that the adds is very focused on the Thai part of the site so it’s now looks more like a sex page than a street food site.

I’ve made some changes in the Adsense and now I think its okay. But I probably have to write some more articles about food so Adsense understand what the site is all about.

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