The first ever post on this blog is about succes.

I think a lot people, at least in Denmark, don’t have goals for themselves. They “just” go along with life without thinking that much about having a success or being a success. That’s fair enough. I just don’t understand it. How people in many ways are satisfied with their lives. Getting up, going to work, pick up children, shop food, eat and go to sleep. That’s it. Year after year. I don’t think people are sad. I just think that they miss out on a lot in life.

But what is success? To have success you have to have a goal. Reaching a goal or not can clarify whether or not you succeed. On the other hand I might have a challenge. The challenge is that I’m never satisfied with my life. I always want more. Reaching a goal is just on the way to the next. I’m a dreamer to. That’s dangerous. Because action talks. No action, no success. You can’t dream yourself to a success. You have to look for it.

One of my last successes that I’ve actually feel that I enjoyed afterwards was running a marathon in the end of May 2011. A marathon has al my life been a huge achievement. Since I was a kid I’ve known that I wanted to run a marathon some day. But I also always thought it would be almost impossible. It turned out, it wasn’t. As with everything else in life it can be done. Whether it’s running a marathon or starting up a business. But it demands that you get out in the streets and starts to run. And you have to run a hell of a lot to do that marathon.

Of course, as with all other goals, you set the bar. Do you want to run in three hours or in four? Your training and time consuming will depend on it. I wanted to run i four hours. I started training seriously 2 months before. It might have been to little time and I know that for next time but I ran a marathon. I did it in 4.05.58 hours. It wasn’t four hours but I ran a marathon.

Afterwards I was actually disappointed. Not because of the time. No, I’ve reached a goal that had been in my head since my childhood. I felt empty. Was it just that? It was tough. Yes. But it was still with a feeling of “what now”?

The day after I was proud. I put up my time on the refrigerator written in a commercial magnet. It’s still hanging there. Why? To remind me of a day that I succeed. You have to hold on to those successes
and you have to set up a new goal to succeed again. At least, I have to.

Copenhagen Marathon 2011

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