The New Year Project

So how did the New Year catering project go? Well, we didn’t reach the 500. We didn’t even get close. But we got a lot of experience especially in the packaging process and the logistics about sending out food. And we got a lot of Google info to be used in the future to this and other projects. is down – ONCE AGAIN

Once again the Danish government controlled doesn’t work. I’m out of control. Furious and frustrated. As always when needing to change my company information doesn’t work.

What is is the one place for company owners to make change in their company profiles such as address, taxes etc. I’ve multiple times during the past five years again and again experienced problems with this system and it is unbelievable that it still is THE SYSTEM to be used by the Danish Government.

The frustration doesn’t get smaller knowing that it will cost extra to contact the government authority to make the changes. And by the way – they are closed at Christmas time. And right know it’s Christmas time and I need to make salary for my employees but can’t make the necessary changes. I don’t believe that Denmark is the place to be for an entrepreneur. At least not to between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


Okay, what’s going on? I guess it about time that I write about some of the action going on.

First of all, things are starting to happen. Two projects are on-going and are the ones to focus on right now. On the 1st of July I’ve started up a small web shop together with my girlfriend, Anne, selling shoes for women with small size feets. It’s called and is actually going quit well. The goal was to sell around 200 pairs a year and after three months the numbers were already there. Therefor next stop is 500 pairs a year. Hopefully we can succeed with that in 2012.

The shop was for me started to get more experience with running a web shop. To get to know all the mechanisms. At the same time it was fun doing business with Anne cause she got some other skills than I which in many ways are complementary.

Next stop is Hejnytaar This is collaboration together with Anne and a chef that had a whole bunch of ideas but had trouble get them out there. And that is what I like to do. is a new year’s eve catering for private people who can either collect the food them self or get it delivered by us. I’m “behind the screen” creating the web site etc., Anne is talking in the phone doing the head to head sales and the chef is of course doing the food when time comes.

The goal? 500 menus. But why not a 1000? We are ready. The setup is there. The chef is fantastic and we are ready to go out there and do it. And after that, next project is going on.

Bad leaders

How come that there is so many bad leaders around in Danish companies and in the public sector? Why does these “leaders” become promoted to be in demand of peoples work and thereby life.

Unchallenging tasks and bad leadership is among the most common reason to skip a job. A weak and unambiguous leader is one of the most common reasons for employees having stress.

It’s very normal to hear people complaining about the boss, just like when you were a kid complaining about the teacher. Contrary it’s very rear to hear people talking about how fantastic their boss is. Is this just a natural reaction to authorities?

I don’t think so. In my opinion there are too few leaders being evaluated for their skills concerning the human within al employees. Even worse, there is too many leaders being conflict-averse not talking to the employees before thing become a problem.

In many companies leaders get appointed not because of their abilities as leaders but because of seniority. But a good nurse doesn’t automatically qualify as a good head nurse. A good waiter doesn’t automatically quality as good supervisor etc. etc. Even in large companies bad leaders get to manage. How come that these “leaders” doesn’t get evaluated and sometimes fired?

In the world of soccer the coach has to have an exam in coaching. If he doesn’t perform he often gets fired right away. A lot of organization might learn from this and a lot of employees would appreciate it. Thereby I equate that if the coach manage to lead the players the team will succeed.

Half time – now what?

Okay. 3½ months has gone since I went on half time. What has happened? Have I seen the light? Not completely. But I’ve learned that I was right. I’m fantastic happy about not doing full time in my old job anymore and I feel that I now have the time to discover what to do next.

So what to do? Well first it was summer and then… I know. Maybe I should be close to a solution but I’m not. I haven’t found the perfect project but I have some project on hand that I will look into. More about that another time.

Though I have found a new interest of mine. Online marketing. I don’t know if I’m too slow. Maybe it’s already old school. Maybe I can learn quicker because a lot of people have already done the big mistakes etc. etc. One thing is for sure. I think it’s fun.

So what have I done? Right now I’m making my first we

bsite. I’ve made websites before but this one is in Dreamweaver (first time) and with the purpose of helping people with relevant information and to test Google AdSense.

The Dreamweaver project is time consuming. And I’m doing everything myself so patience is a keyword. But I’m stubborn and I’m sure that I will make it. I probably won’t make a Dreamweaver site again but then at least I have some knowledge about Dreamweaver. Next time I think it should be WordPress just like this blog.

So the idea is to make relevant websites giving people relevant information and to earn money on online marketing. That sounds great – right? I’ll keep you posted about how it goes.

Election day

Election day in Denmark. A lot of talking is over. Will anything change? Probably not. The world is influencing our economy and no Danish politician can do anything about that. I think things will be very muddy in the next couple of weeks and it might take a long time to reach agreement about a new government if the opposition becomes the winners as it looks like in the polls. The future will show.


I just recently started calling myself for entrepreneur. I’ve for a long time been calling myself for self-employed but after working 9 till 5 for several years in my “own” company I’ve started realising that I wasn’t self-employed. I was a full-time permanent employee with a small percentage ownership.

I realised what really gives me a kick is not to see my company getting lean, certified or even big. My kick is starting up. My kick is getting the right people together. My kick is naming the company. My kick is being an entrepreneur. I want to see my company getting big. But it shouldn’t be with me in a leading role. I should get out of there – way before that happens. And instead I should be starting up the next business.

The huge question people without doubt is thinking is, “Will he succeed?”. I want to. I really really want to. But first of all I want to work with a smile on my face. It has to be fun. Otherwise I haven’t got my heart completely attached to the tasks to be solved.

I’ve also realise that I have to have a certain amount of ownership. I have to feel that when working I’m doing it for the good of my business. Not for the good of some investors or a boss. And getting people to work together for the best of the company is the overall goal. That’s what’s fun.

So after 9 till 5 I’m now going for the entrepreneur again. I’ve started on half time in the company that I six years ago was co-founder of. The rest of the time is being used on discovering what my next start-up should be. I don’t think I’ll ever be in a company for six years again – at least not in a leading role.


Is wondering why DSB is using Windows XP for their TV screens in the trains. Maybe they want to cut costs and got a good offer. Maybe they want to make sure nobody bothers to make a virus for it. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work…


The first ever post on this blog is about succes.

I think a lot people, at least in Denmark, don’t have goals for themselves. They “just” go along with life without thinking that much about having a success or being a success. That’s fair enough. I just don’t understand it. How people in many ways are satisfied with their lives. Getting up, going to work, pick up children, shop food, eat and go to sleep. That’s it. Year after year. I don’t think people are sad. I just think that they miss out on a lot in life.

But what is success? To have success you have to have a goal. Reaching a goal or not can clarify whether or not you succeed. On the other hand I might have a challenge. The challenge is that I’m never satisfied with my life. I always want more. Reaching a goal is just on the way to the next. I’m a dreamer to. That’s dangerous. Because action talks. No action, no success. You can’t dream yourself to a success. You have to look for it.

One of my last successes that I’ve actually feel that I enjoyed afterwards was running a marathon in the end of May 2011. A marathon has al my life been a huge achievement. Since I was a kid I’ve known that I wanted to run a marathon some day. But I also always thought it would be almost impossible. It turned out, it wasn’t. As with everything else in life it can be done. Whether it’s running a marathon or starting up a business. But it demands that you get out in the streets and starts to run. And you have to run a hell of a lot to do that marathon.

Of course, as with all other goals, you set the bar. Do you want to run in three hours or in four? Your training and time consuming will depend on it. I wanted to run i four hours. I started training seriously 2 months before. It might have been to little time and I know that for next time but I ran a marathon. I did it in 4.05.58 hours. It wasn’t four hours but I ran a marathon.

Afterwards I was actually disappointed. Not because of the time. No, I’ve reached a goal that had been in my head since my childhood. I felt empty. Was it just that? It was tough. Yes. But it was still with a feeling of “what now”?

The day after I was proud. I put up my time on the refrigerator written in a commercial magnet. It’s still hanging there. Why? To remind me of a day that I succeed. You have to hold on to those successes
and you have to set up a new goal to succeed again. At least, I have to.

Copenhagen Marathon 2011

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